CNF Watch Group needs your help!


Volunteer any amount of time during the day or evening by being “additional eyes and ears watching over our community”    We are always looking for people to patrol, but we are also looking for residents to be “block captains” too.  If you can be the contact person for your block, your help is needed.  If you can manage a phone tree/email blast for your block and communicate with your neighbors, your help is needed.  Any amount of time and participation you are able to give towards keeping our neighborhood safe, your help is needed.
We patrol our neighborhood streets and alleys watching for any suspicious activity or needed city services.  We do not get involved with any incidents, we just call 911 giving a description and location of activity. We submit city services needed to our aldermanic offices.
Volunteer any amount of time you are able to.  Select the day(s) and time(s) that work best for you.
Some of the more prevalent crimes that affect our community are burglaries and senior scams. It seems that most are occurring during the day.  The more eyes and ears paying attention to what we see and hear every day in our neighborhood will make a difference.
If you have any time to spare and are interested in helping to keep our community safe,  fill out the contact sheet  (on the "Get Involved" page or email us at
Please consider joining other members of our community in our fight to helping keep our neighborhood a safer place to live, work and raise our families..

Support our efforts

The CNF watch group needs your help with a monetary donation.  We use money raised to host community events and maintain our website.

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