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We're a small group of volunteers that participate in our patrol group.  We volunteer usually once a month (day or evening) for a few hours.  We patrol with a partner cruising up and down streets and alleys looking for things that may warrant police attention or city services that we submit to our Aldermanic office.

We are always in need of additional members.  Members volunteer whatever time they can to patrol.  Members set their patrol schedule coordinating it with our team leader.  Membership is open to residents of CAPS Beat 812 (Central-Harlem, 60th - 65th St) 18 years and older. 

New applicants are required to fill out an application and are subject to a background check. All members adhere to the rules and regulations of the watch group.

If you are interested in joining our patrol group, you can fill out the above "Contact Form" or download the application and rules and regulation forms. Once completed, you can email us at or bring them to one of the CAPS Beat 812 meetings. (schedule listed under "Upcoming Events"

If you are unable to be a patrol of our patrol group, consider being a block club captain for your block.  The most important responsibility is to develop a phone tree and communicate with your neighbors about concerns.  

We also maintain a Facebook page "Original Clearing Night Force Neighborhood Watch Group"    We post safety information and share community concerns.  

The more people in our community who have the right information and keep a watchful eye out, we can prevent many crimes and send a message to the bad guys that we will not tolerate crime in our community.   It's better to be proactive than reactive.  Problems don't just fall out of the sky.  We let them walk in freely.  A little work to prevent is better than a lot of work to get rid of bad element.  We have to believe that we can work together and we have the power and tools to keep our community safer.  

Download our handout brochure to share with your neighbors and friends in our community.  Encourage them to join our Facebook page and when they can attend the CAPS Beat 812 monthly meetings.   The dates and locations are on our Upcoming Events page,  posted on our Facebook page or you can call 311 giving them your address and they will give you the information.

We also encourage the formation of "block clubs/phone trees" to bring neighbors together to keep their block safer and cleaner.  It's as simple as exchanging contact information with those neighbors who are interested in working together to be sure crime doesn't occur on your block.  We can help you with organizing your block.  Drop us a line via the form below.


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